Your contribution to Unify Tulum goes straight to work helping our team of volunteers to continue their crucial work at Cenote Ixchel and social outreach in the Tulum Community. With a gift of $250 or more, you will receive perks such as free entry to Art With Me and / or a free night’s stay at a Tulum beach hotel.

Unify Tulum’s goal is to clean the all the septic black water / garbage waste in order to help rebalance natural bio-flora using forest microorganisms.

Tulum’s most pressing issue is the lack of a septic system and Waste management system. It is estimated that 2000 tons of septic black water enter the aquifer daily (Human fecal matter). Unseparated garbage waste of 200 tons daily gets thrown into the Coba jungle, which then seeps into the underground cenote system that is then carried by the stream to the sea… killing the world’s 2nd largest reef.

Everyone that has stayed in Tulum has one way or another contributed to the pollution because the region does not have an adequate septic and waste system. It doesn’t make us bad – we are just not informed where we flush toilets and throw our trash, which makes all Tulum visitors responsible for this destruction, whether we like it or not, and so we must act together for change for the love of Tulum and all its inhabitants.